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:: 10/16/2005 ::
MAX 2005 Dining Experience
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Well, it's not that the food was terrible, although I've had better buffets - those cruise ship midnight buffets come to mind, but the humorous thing I noticed pretty quickly was that my boss and I were the only two in the restaurant that didn't have any kids with us. For some reason, the "Kidd's" (I was thinking a pirate) in the Captain Kidd's Family Dining establishment name, not to mention, the "Family" part in the name didn't tip my jet-lagged brain into not going in and having dinner. Now if I just don't get food poisoning... :-)

Looking forward to the MAX sessions and, well, some better food while I'm here. Can anyone recommend some tasty Mexican food and primo cerveza in Anaheim?

:: 10/30/2004 ::
The troops are descending on New Orleans...
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I'll be flying to New Orleans on Halloween to begin the next journey at the MAX 2004. This year my focus will be on Flex, Macromedia's RIA-building product as well as the next generation of ColdFusion.

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:: 11/25/2003 ::
Macromedia FLEX
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Macromedia Flex (previously code-named Royale) is a presentation server that developers are using to build a new generation of Rich Internet Applications (RIAs). Rich Internet Applications combine the usability of desktop applications with the administrative advantages of the web.

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:: 11/25/2003 ::
MAX 2003 was awesome...
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The announcement of FLEX, Macromedia's new presentation server anticipated for the 1st Quarter 2004, was exciting news. FLEX will enable J2EE (and shortly thereafter .NET) infrastructures to create Rich Internet Applications or RIA's as the presentation layer quickly and easily via MXML and ActionScript 2.0.

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